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Montessori School London

Maria Montessori started the first school for children, ranging from ages two to six, in 1907. As one of the first female physicians in Italy, she was fascinated by the development of young children. She eventually became a renowned educator and was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Today, thousands of Montessori schools exist worldwide that follow her style of teaching.

Our Montessori Curriculum includes Practical Life and Sensorial exercises. These activities help the young child to develop their fine motor and hand-eye co-ordination, lengthen their attention span, develop a love for learning and prepare them for other further educational activities which await each child's moment of readiness to delve into reading, writing and arithmetics.

Practical Life Aims:

1. To help the child perfect the co-ordination.
2. To help the child lengthen their attention span.
3. To teach the child to pay attention and to follow a regular sequence of actions.
4. To teach the child good work habits.
5. To strengthen their muscles and prepare them for later academic work.

- Maria Montessori
Sensorial Area Aims:

1. To help the child sharpen their senses
2. To enable the child to understand the many impressions  they receive through their senses.
3. To teach the child to discriminate and appreciate.

- Maria Montessori

In addition to the excellent primer for all forms of future education, graduates of London Montessori School learn to read and develop a love of reading that serves them very well in their future academic pursuits.

"To have learned something is, for the child, only a point of departure.  When he has learned something, then he begins to enjoy repeating the exercise.  He enjoys executing that act because, by means of it, he is developing his psychic activities"

Montessori School London


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